Our product..

  • Web Development

iWhite Solutions offers service to develop website/E-commerce by using reliable development tool with standard template which lead to build website/E-commerce quickly and with affordable price. We also can advice in the design point of view for clients who still have no idea about the web look which suit to their business requirements. Other than that, we also offer development website/E-commerce which is very customised based on client’s requirements. No doubt, in this era, website is effective media to introduce the company and its product widely in the market in economic way. And probably, the enterpreneurs also like to have a look at e-commerce as their online store which provide some benefits like, business without renting the store space, and save the cost such as employee and utility. Website/e-commerce product are equipped with SEO (search engine optimization) which make the search engine like Google etc. become possible to find the client’s website/e-commerce site.


ENACT is is a web-based Application that designed as a tool in managing compliance to relevant Environmental Healthy Safety (EHS) requirements of legislation product or standard applied to the organization such as act, regulation, decree, code, etc.. For example: compliance against waste management standard in manufacturing company.This application is the right tools for the company to fulfill ISO 14001 certification and proper hijau standard. Through this application, we are proud that we also participate in protection and preservation of the enviroment.

  • School Management System

School Management System is an application to help to manage School Day to Day business activities & simplify how school operates by minimising school operating costs, ensure data transapency, improve school management operations and add benefit to users who are able to share and access information through the internet with secured aphorised passwords. iWhite SMS allows user to store information that includes student's personal information, organising teacher -, subject - class, recording attendance, ranking determination etc.. Likewise, iWhite SMS can be built according to each School's needs & requirement.

  • Custom Application

Custom application is an application which can be tailored based on the client’s business needs. Based on our business and consulting experiences, we can advise the client in order to yield solid and reliable application.

  • Mobile Application

Mobile application is application that can be accessed from the mobile device like smartphone. This application is categorised as custom application as it really based on the client’s requirements. By using this application, the enterpreneur can monitor/run the business in certain activities from anywhere, home, shopping center, recreation place etc.. So the enterpreneur can share more time with family, other business activity, society, without compromising the main business activity.